Sunday, August 29, 2010

charlotte gainsbourg

Charlotte seems to be popping up in my life frequently lately. I have been listening to her collaboration with Beck from a while back, Irm, and I'm looking forward to seeing her new film The Tree when it's released on September 30. But the thing that enchants me most about Charlotte is hard to put into words. I think it must be that "French" thing that unimaginative magazines like to print a feature on every three months, attempting to tell us how to apply concealer and tie a scarf like a French girl. But the art of being charming commes les Francaises can't be conveyed in a thousand words. Charlotte's quietly unconventional beauty and her je ne sais quois cannot be taught or even analysed- they must simply be appreciated.

Friday, August 6, 2010

sleek, chic- 1970s style

Anjelica Huston by Bob Richardson, for “Vogue Paris,” 1971, via tumblr

I'm convinced, high-waisted wide-legged 70's jeans are simply the epitome of chic. I just don't get tired of looking at them, and it's been a good three years since I've been on the bandwagon! Sleek, chic 1970's looks are wonderful in general. I think I would have been very sartorially fulfilled had I been alive in that decade! I have a black crepe floor -sweeping 1970's evening dress with a plunging neckline down to here and dozens of tiny crepe-covered buttons, that I just can't wait to wear. I think it could even work as a sundress. I love 70's style.