Thursday, September 10, 2009

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony, fall 2009

all images via opening ceremony

what i like most about chloe sevigny's new fall collection for opening ceremony is the way it seems to hover somewhere between downtown cool and conservatively preppy. some of these pieces could almost have been worn by your mother circa 1975... except that they are infinitely cooler. it's an effect that's underscored by the cutely cheesy his 'n' hers retro knitting pattern effect of posing the female and male models together in their matching ensembles... yet somehow the result is clean, understated and sophisticated. interestingly, the pieces are made in a single gender neutral size run, ranging from xxs to large. it seems to work for these models, but I wonder how those androgynous cuts cope with curves? it doesn't make much difference to me. seeing as a cotton button down is the cheapest piece at US $335, i won't be purchasing! nevertheless, i'm a fan.

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  1. I think the whole male/female matching vibe is pretty cute. It's a little clean cut for me, but I like it nonetheless.

    Thanks for your blog comment, it was so sweet! I only have about three pairs of brogues though. I wish that number was higher!