Monday, March 22, 2010

the before time

all images via the cobra snake

Around 2004-2005, before I discovered the voyeuristic sartorial fix of fashion-blogging, my guilty style-stalking pleasure was The Cobra Snake.

Now I know the mere mention of that site will illicit a cringe from many of you... but hey, it was the mid-noughties. I stand by some of the looks saved to my inspiration file at that time- shaggy fringes, navy blazers, layered beads, delicate dresses... Back then it was very different to what I was seeing in suburban shopping malls. The sartorial sensibilities of LA and New York hipsters seemed endlessly fascinating! It wasn't just the clothes- their lifestyles, their scene and the wild parties they attended seemed so enticingly far-removed from my own experiences in regional Australia. It makes me feel a little nostalgic for that time in my life when these pictures seemed so new, exciting and inspiring.

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