Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i still like the like, i guess...

all images via myspace

Well, it's been four years since The Like's last album. Although, when it comes to The Like, I'm inclined to feel that their albums are hardly point- it's more about the outfits. Nonetheless, they have recently announced a change in lineup, as well as a new record in the works. As Buzz Bands reports: "frontwoman Z Berg and drummer Tennessee Thomas remain from the original lineup; bassist Laena Geronimo has replaced Charlotte Froom, who departed to work on other projects; and Reni Lane joins to play keyboards. The Like’s new Mark Ronson-produced album will be released in early 2010."

However, the band still appear to enjoy taking lots of photos of themselves in cute outfits.* And Tennessee is still freaking adorable. So provided this continues, I'm okay with the change.

*although someone needs to have a quiet word to Z about the pitfalls of pleather.


  1. Reni is the one with red hair. :)

  2. Geronimo (bass) replaced Froom and seems to be her doppelganger w/ those red shorts. Reni is the one w/ the red hair and plays keyboard. I agree...the Like are more about a fashion statement than the music...I think they are meh. Well...more Meh w/ out Charlotte.