Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a peak inside jane campion's scrapbook

all images from jane campion's production scrap book for her film, bright star

I'm so looking forward to seeing Jane Campion's newest film Bright Star, about John Keats and his brief love affair with his neighbour, Fanny Brawne. Apparently, the film emphasises Fanny's love of fashion and her talents at sewing and dressmaking. So I hope that means that we can expect to see a parade of lovely 19th century dresses. I think these snippets from Jane Campion's scrapbook- poems on parchment, intricately folded love letters, photographs of morning light through wintery trees and art department sketches are so romantic and tantalising. It looks as if the film will be beautiful but restrained- Slate has even described its visual style as "austere" - but I think that will just make these pretty little details seem all the lovelier.


  1. Bright Star is a gorgeous film. I enjoyed it immensely from the amazing cinematography down to the lovely little details. Thank you for sharing these images from Jane Campion's scrapbook! I'm off to check out the link :)

  2. Ooh, I love Jane Campion but had no idea about this tantalising sounding new film. Now I can't wait either! Her scrap books are beautiful, so delicate and inspired. Why don't I scrapbook?

  3. It is a lovely, LOVELY film. :)


  4. I literally well up watching the trailer, I'll be an emotional wreck when I eventually see this film. So beautiful.