Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a map of paris

Lately I have been thinking back to my travels from about eighteen months ago... I feel so wistful about those two months we spent drifting through art galleries and adjusting our eyes to new sights and long-anticipated experiences... It almost didn't feel real. I'm ready to do it again and this time open my eyes even wider. I want to wander cobblestoned streets, photograph the decaying facades of forgotten buildings, eat ice-cream in the jardins des tuileries and lay out picnics of baguettes, brie and wine on a silk scarf, au bord de la Seine. I want to fill my eyes, my ears, my mind with Paris. Every vista, every nook, every cranny. I will know Paris like the back of my hand. And when I return, I will close my eyes and there she will be, ever-present in my memory.


  1. Beautiful map! I dont know why but I just love maps

  2. I got that map laminated and have it blu tacked to my desk. Makes me think of Paris every day