Friday, November 27, 2009


all images via nadinoo

Behold the Autumn/Winter collection from British label Nadinoo. It's a perfect mix of English rose prettiness and dapper eccentricity. Sequins and quirky satin pants add a hint of London edge. The styling is also irresistible- little hats, coloured ankle-socks and t-strap shoes. Can't you just see Zooey posing at a premiere in the red blouse and floral skirt ensemble, and Tennessee goofing around backstage in the dropped waist dress and knee socks?


  1. I love the blue tights and red shoes combination. So adorable. I think I just love blue and red together - they were the colours of my primary school uniform so make me feel all nostalgic. I also love that they've managed to create floral pants that don't look at all WASP-y. Brilliant.

  2. Oh I just adore Nadinoo!! The clothes are gorgeous and she seems so sweet. I want everything.