Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a paper doll to call my own

paper dolls via The Paper Collector

Since childhood I have had a fascination for paper dolls. When my mum would take me along to the supermarket I would linger in the magazine aisle, poring over the paper doll books- usually featuring Barbie or maybe Jem and the Rockers- and wish that I could take one home to press out all the little outfits, and prop the doll up on her little paper stand. Aren't you jealous of Kathy and Karen and their fantastic little paper dresses? I am so tempted to print these out right now and start snipping!

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  1. Oh, I absolutely love, LOVE paper dolls! I had a whole (childsize) suitcase crammed with them when I was little (and I actually have some now!). You can get some amazing ones from - here are the Chanel ones: They have a million (several of which I own!) but I had the Barbie ones too! Thank you for posting this.