Friday, August 7, 2009

juliette hogan summer o9

all images via juliette hogan

can it be true that juliette hogan is not stocked outside new zealand? if the website is to be believed, some discerning australian and international boutique owners need to rectify this situation quickly. i love this collection. apparently the label has been described as "quietly sophisticated clothes that well mannered girls want to wear." i'm not sure if i am always as well-mannered as i'd like to be, but i have a feeling i'd get away with it if i was wearing any of these beautiful pieces. the hint of black bodysuit beneath the sheer flesh pink folds of fabric on the ballet dress makes the model look like a ballerina in quiet repose. and the elegantly floor-sweeping length on the pink skirt is so refreshing. i love the way pearls are worn with every outfit- juliette's clothes are obviously for the kind of girl for whom grandmother's pearls are a signature accessory. can you tell that's the kind of girl i'd like to be?


  1. I love how you write about this line. The sheerness of the items is so delicately beautiful. I'd love a piece for my very own. x

  2. I like some of the pieces as well.

  3. hey, what a lovely blog.
    and thanks for the beautiful words about my summer collection.....i'm just sitting here waiting for the weather to turn so that i can start wearing all the pretty pieces.