Tuesday, August 18, 2009

life in soft focus

images via myspace

sébastien mazière
is a 29 year old photographer living and working in paris. he makes such dreamy images with their pensive heroines, softly diffused light and yellow-toned nostalgia. i love the way he has captured the girl in the fourth photo as the wind blows through her hair, her eyebrows raised and lips parted as though she is just about to speak. she looks so french and haphazardly chic.
i ran across some of these images in some magazine or other a year or two ago, and promptly cut out them out to stick in my little scrapbook of inspirations. they have stayed with me, because this is just the sort of mood i want to capture in my own photographs.

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  1. Hi Bee, it's me! The girl on the picture with the wind in her hair! Thank you for the compliment, I'm french indeed! Is there any way I contact you because I would like to correct some fact of the post? Looking forward to hearing from you, your blog is very good by the way ! Coline