Wednesday, August 12, 2009

vintage coats via paris, 1960

i know that most of my fellow southern hemisphereans are looking forward to spring and would rather not dwell on warm and woollies any longer. nonetheless, i thought I would post these pictures from the 'cahiers bleus' autumn-winter 1960-61 lookbook, which i was lucky enough to find hidden in a box of papers at an antique store a while back, before coat weather is well and truly over. i love the stately glamour of these oversized vintage coats. i adore the way the fabric falls voluminously from the middle of the back, and the tulip shape it forms as it tapers to skim the hips. i love the swingy flared hems, the bracelet length sleeves, chunky jeweled buttons and luxurious fur collars. when out and about in cold weather, opportunities to expose the outfit underneath one's coat seem rare. dressing for winter can feel so repetitive when you only have one or two coats in rotation, therefore an extensive collection of wonderful outerwear is essential! my plan is to have some of these lovely illustrations framed, but in the meantime, here they are to inspire you.


  1. Hi, I just read a comment you had given me a while ago. Thanks for stopping by! I will be putting up a pair of size 10 (and comfy) brogue-like heels in my store if you want to check that out later. :}

    Those are beautiful coats. You gave a great description of an ode ;}. I wouldn't be able to pull those off myself, but I do love the shape and the confidence with which women carried them. So sophisticated and classy.

    Have a good day!

  2. oh yes, vintage coats are the best!
    i have to agree that the ones from
    the early 1960s are particularly beautiful.

  3. this is good actually cuz we are approaching fall in the northern hemisphere ! lol

  4. i love your blog! i just found it. :) i agree with the person above, this is great for me because we're appraching fall. xx

  5. Ah great post. Very inspirational :D

  6. Coats are so gorgeous. I love 60's so much.