Sunday, August 16, 2009

what a beautiful day for a picnic

images via ebay, etsy, antique helper and vintage life network

"what a beautiful day for a picnic,
what a picnical day for a lark!
we will frolic all day
in the happiest way,
and we won't get back home until dark!"

(mickey mouse's picnic, 1950)

one of my favourite little golden books as a child was 'mickey mouse's picnic'. since hearing about minnie and mickey's carefully prepared picnic, which from memory involved pink lemonade and a chocolate cake (with a knife taped to the bottom), i have been rather fixated on the preparation of the perfect picnic. but it is only recently that i have become fascinated by vintage picnic cases. my attention was drawn to these kinds of sets a while back when my friend opened a totally unassuming suitcase left given to her by her grandfather, to reveal brightly colour melamine cups, plates, bowls, spoons, salt and pepper shakers and little containers all neatly stacked inside. what a lovely surprise! my fingers are crossed that one day i'll open a case at the op-shop to reveal just such a treasure.


  1. "And it did start out to be a perfect day for a picnic.... First they went for a walk along the river bank. They found a grassy spot beneath a tall shade tree and they left Minnie's lunch basket there."
    I just love picnics and picnic baskets and great big chocolate cakes!

  2. I'd love to stumble across a vintage picnic case too!

  3. i loved that book too! i can't wait to read it to my son :) i always thought that chocolate cake looked amaaazing!

  4. I looveeee this book. I grew up from a baby listening/reading this. Mum used to read it to me like some 15years back :)
    Such cool days those were!